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The Israeli Parenting Center

My name is Noa Morag Sela,

I established and am the managing director of the Israeli Parenting Center.

I believe that parenting is an exciting and rewarding life experience.

The modern family often encounters difficulties due to the democratic era in which we live, that confuses lots of parents. I am here to help build a stable and warm family nest and to help you find the correct parenting methodologies that suit your specific family’s needs. This can be accomplished by listening to your children and have an open communication in your family.
If as a parent, you want to find out how much is Enough? How much is too much? And raise likeable, responsible and respectful children I believe you will find the right answers at the Israeli Parenting Center.


In the Israeli Parenting Center, we offer an Individual parent training as well as Parents workshops for companies and organizations.

If you feel that the communication between you and your children is not effective?
If you are not satisfied with the way you react and behave in different situations?
If you would like to strengthen your family unit and are not sure how to do it?
If you want to get parental reinforcement?


Individual parents training
Contrary to participating in a parenting group workshop, it is the individual personal meeting, where there is an opportunity to examine in depth the unique dynamics of your family, and to offer solutions and tools to deal with them.
Individual parents training takes place in the form of consultation with parents, helps to focus and understand the dilemmas and difficulties and then characterize and examine them.
Some of the tools you will acquire:

• Building a parenting vision and a long term plan.
• How to set limits and regain parental authority.
• New ways of looking at relationships in the family especially with sibling rivalry
• Tools to analyze and control emotional and behavioral difficulties of children at home or at school.
• Effective tools of dealing with teenagers and adolescents emotions and behavior within the family.
Parents will receive guidance and practical tools that can be implemented immediately after each session.

(from the blessing of children's book Rabi Sholomo Karlibach)

There are three ways of walking through life.
Walking with, walking in front- leading the way or walking behind.
Most parents are willing to show their kids the way? they tell their children what to do?
Other parents prefer walking with their children, hold their hands and help them, most parents know how to do so.
Walking behind your children is not a simple task. It means you give your children so much self confidence , in his or her unique powers, so that they will have the strength to find their own way in life. That is the real thing in parenthood.

Noa Morag Sela



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